24-year-old Rik 396 passed away

May 8, 2021

‘Last Monday, the 3rd of May 2021, stallion Rik 396 passed away. He has reached a respectable age and given us so much, even fulfilling natural stud services until the previous season, but now the time had come to let him go.’ With this message Tjitske Bouma from Terkaple announced that 24-year-old KFPS Studbook stallion Rik 396 is no longer with us.

Oltman 317 x Reitse 272

Rik 396 was born in Sietse Holtrop’s yard in Vegelinsoord in 1997, his sire was Oltman 317 and his dam Edwarda Star Preferent (Reitse 272) from pedigree 99. ‘I was looking for young stallions for one of my clients’, Tjitze Bouma says. Young Rik was one of those. ‘Back then buying young stallions wasn’t an easy thing. Rik had good papers and was quite expensive’, the dealer remembers. ‘So I bought him together with Klaas de Vries and kept him.’

Late to mature

Rik’s height at withers seemed to be a limiting factor for his career as a Studbook stallion. ‘The Holtrop horses, Sietse is Feike’s brother, are late to mature. Even though people advised me to have him gelded I’ve always kept my belief in him’, says Bouma, who saw his patience rewarded in 2002. With his 1.62 m height at withers Rik, by now five years old, received a number. He successfully completed his Central Examination as Rik 396 with a total score of 83.4 points, with the 8.1 for walk and the 8.3 for the sleigh test catching attention. In 2006 he was also approved on offspring and Bouma was registered as his sole owner. Rik acquired the Sport predicate together with Natascha Scholten in 2008.
Rik 396, who was a carrier of the hydrocephaly gene, serviced most mares directly in the year after that, in 2003: 103. Even last year he covered another nine mares. A large number of his offspring were sold abroad as foals. With a Star percentage of 15, one Preferent offspring, two Sport horses and one Sport Elite horse his influence on breeding remains limited.