3-year-old Jasmine Star (Maurus 441) wins in the Czech Republic

Rechts de driejarige Jasmine van Dupaumolen Ster (Maurus 441 x Wierd 409) dagkampioen, links reserve kampioen Marie von Rodowitz Ster (van veulenboekhengst Teufel von Rodowitz x Anne 340)


October 11, 2022

On the right 3-year-old Day Champion Jasmine van Dupaumolen Star (Maurus 441 x Wierd 409), on the left Reserve Champion Marie von Rodowitz Star (by Foalbook stallion Teufel von Rodowitz x Anne 340)

At the inspection in the Czech Republic on Saturday the 8th of October, judges Jan Hellinx and Dik Brummel chose Kateřina Šálková’s 3-year-old Jasmine van Dupaumolen Star (Maurus 441 x Wierd 409) as Day Champion. The Reserve Championship was for Marie von Rodowitz Star (by Foalbook stallion Teufel von Rodowitz x Anne 340), owned by Dominika Tupý. She also received a Star with a second premium.

Star stallion Dylan (Markus 491)

The Jury duties began with judging the IBOPs on the Friday evening, where Dylan van Waberg A (Markus 491 x Andries 415) totted up 72 points with his good walk and a trot in which this 5-year-old stallion was found slightly short of power. In the inspection the expressive Dylan won himself a Star. ‘He has a somewhat compact build but has a good topline as well as good body shape’, Jan Hellinx commented. The stallion moved with a roomy and active walk, showing lots of posture and good use of the hind leg in the in-hand trot.

Two Star mares

In the 3-year-olds the only Star was for Jasmine. This Maurus 441 daughter has a generous forehand, lots of front and hardy legs. She should move with a little more room in walk but in trot she showed an uphill frame with good balance. The mare Champion also became Overall Champion, the Reserve Champion was the other Star mare of the day. In the 4-year-old and older Foalbook mares it was the 10-year-old Marie von Rodowitz who earned her Star thanks to her ground-covering walk and modern, longlined type. In trot she should move with slightly more balance.

First premium for foal Theo (Alwin 469)

In the foal category there was just one first premium, for colt foal Theo Annahill (Alwin 469 x Tsjalle 454). A good-looking, expressive foal with a noble head, a little bit of a downhill build, but with good legwork, the Jury summed up. Theo showed an active and regular walk and a light-footed, well-balanced trot. Valmont van de Gela (Eise 489 x Pier 448) was given a second premium and became Reserve Champion.
In the filly foals the Champion Title went to a second-premium foal: Vanilla de Klanetz (Tiede 501 x Tietse 428) who stood out from the others with her breeding type. The longlined Tara van de Gela (Jurre 495 x Mintse 384) became Reserve Champion, the second for breeder Pavel Šilhánek.

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