Admiring Phaidra Friesian horse carrousel riding from above (with video)

September 15, 2020

After the Corona break the Phaidra carrousel group have gradually resumed their shows with Friesian horses. On Saturday the 12th of September they were at the Stal Smids yard in Steensel where this wonderful drone footage was filmed.

Sixteen Friesian horses

‘It was so great to see some action again’, Monique Moonen says, who is one of the ladies taking part in the carrousel with her Friesian gelding Ysbrand Ygrek (Harmen 424). With sixteen combinations they rode a test which lasted about twelve minutes. ‘Our group contains nothing but ladies, aged between 17 and 60 years’, Monique tells us. In addition to dressage riders who compete in ZZ Light classes, the group also includes some recreational riders. ‘We welcome everybody. For us it’s about having fun together and of course doing nice things with the horses.’

A group for nearly twenty years

The carrousel group Phaidra – which means the prettiest, the finest – has existed for twenty years, contains a total of 23 members with in the leading role their captain, instructor and chairman Silvia Naagen. ‘We were at the Proms in 2015’, we’re told by Monique. ‘Every year we change our test and music and every 2-3 years also our outfits, which by the way, we design and make ourselves. But that’s also quite enjoyable to do’, she says with a smile. But they’re serious about it too. ‘The drone footage gives a clear picture of the test and there’s something to learn from it and improve for everybody. That’s how we keep improving our show from year to year.

Drone beelden Phaidra

Wat n prachtig gezicht, een gedeelte van onze show bij Stal Smids te Steensel, wat n prachtige accomedatie, top organisatie, en wij zijn natuurlijk heel blij met deze show in de Corona tijd.

Gepostet von Friezen Carrousel Phaidra am Dienstag, 15. September 2020

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