Aftonomora Friesians Mees 497 in training with Marc Peter Spahn

Aftonmora Friesians and Marc Peter Spahn has started a cooperation in regards of
developing and competing the nine years old sport-elite studbook stallion Mees 497. The
long-term goal of the agreement is for the equipage to make an international career.
Semen can still be ordered via Henswoude Dekstation.
“I think the new stallion in our stable needs no introduction. He became known for winning
many young horse championships. The sturdy wonder of movement that, together with
Leonie Evink, always put down great performances in the Small Tour classes. After only
three weeks of testing, we would like to announce that Mees 497 Sport Elite will continue his career at our stable. Of-course we are all going to make the best of this. From the beginning I have never made it a secret that I thought Mees “de powerhouse” was a very cool stallion. With of course very appealing genes; with Father Tymon 456 Sport Elite and grandfather Dries Sport 421 as a son of King Jasper 366 Sport Elite. Power, speed and intelligence combined and an impressive allure. Thank you for this unique opportunity David Nilsson and Sandra Åhs Sivertsen. Thank you for the Fairfax saddle, Ben Roberts and Bianca Liewes for always taking quick and good action.” Says Marc Peter Spahn.
“We are delightful to start this cooperation with Marc Peter Spahn. To change rider in this
part of a horse´s sport career is a sensitive matter and a decision that has been carefully taken.
We are excited about the positive feedback from Peter from this first period in training
together with Mees. Peter has a great professionalism in the way he works, and we look
forward to seeing him and Mees develop into a seamless team over time. We have the highest of ambitions for Mees in dressage and believe that Peter has the best experience to manage and finetune this talented horse, hopefully all the way into the international dressage scene.” Says Sandra Åhs Sivertsen, Aftonmora Friesians.

Mees 497 sport-elite (Tymon 456 sport-elite x Dries 421 sport) comes into the stable of Spahn with an impressive resumé put together with his previous rider Leonie Evink:
– Champion talentcup 3-years old stallions
– Champion Pavo Fryso cup 4-years old stallions
– Champion Pavo Fryso cup 5-years old stallions
– 1st place Alrako Championships M1 2017
– Champion Z1 friesian championships 2018
– Regional champion M1 2019
– Champion Z2 KFPS horses to fly 2019
– Sport Elite predicate 2019
– Intermediere 1 start qualified for intermediere 2, 2020.

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