Alke 468 moves from Sweden to Germany

Foto: Ryanne Tigchelaar


July 27, 2022
Photo: Ryanne Tigchelaar

After this year’s stud season in Sweden KFPS Studbook stallion Alke 468 is going to continue his stud career at Gestüt Wickeschliede in Germany from the 15th of August onwards.

Low kinship

Alke 468 Sport AA has been stationed at Aftonmora Friesians in Sweden for a period of two years. ‘For us he was an important stallion because of his low kinship’, Sandra Åhs Nilsson from Aftonmora explains. ‘But actually, he should be in a position where he can serve a wider market than the one in Scandinavia. With Aarnold 471 and Sipke 450 in our yard we have several low-kinship stallions.’ Other stallions available for stud services at Aftonmora are Tymon 456 and Mees 497. ‘It’s a fine selection for our Scandinavian breeders.’

Stable mate to Gjalt 426

The colleagues at Wickeschliede adhere to the same philosophy for breeding Friesian horses, Sandra points out. ‘They too are working on lowering kinship. Alke 468 is moving to a five-star new home in Germany: Alke 468 is a Fabe 348 son and has a kinship of 15.7%. After his move to Germany he will be stable mate to KFPS Studbook stallion Gjalt 426, who has a 16.2% kinship.

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