Bastiaan 510 back home

KFPS Studbook stallion Bastiaan 510 has arrived safely back in Australia. His owner Katrina Routson is happy that the thirteen-year-old Sport Elite stallion is back home. “He’s back where he belongs. Just in time for the breeding season that is now starting in Australia.’

A year and a half in the Netherlands

The son of Jisse 433 flew from Australia to the Netherlands a year and a half ago, a 24-hour journey that he has now made in the opposite direction. Bastiaan 510 has been studded at Stal Chardon for the past year. ‘He gets opportunities in the Netherlands to provide enough offspring for his offspring research’, Katrina said about a year and a half ago when the apple of her eye had just arrived in the Netherlands. Bastiaan 510 is the only approved son of Jisse 433. He comes from lineage 102, out of the Kroon Preferente Sportmare Djura S. (Tsjerk 328 x Gaije 295).

Last and next year 50 foals

Katrina bought Bastiaan when he was still called Braggo S.. After the third viewing, his career as a breeding stallion initially ended. With an ABFP test of 81.5 points, he went to Australia in 2013, when he was almost five years old. As a foal book stallion with a breeding license. There, after wonderful sports performances, he received his stud after all through the Short Examination and was renamed Bastiaan 510. About 50 foals from Bastiaan 510 were born last year, Routson says. The expectation is that such a number will be added next season.

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