Bauke de Boer KFPS Breeder of the Year 2020 (with video)

Foto's: Johanna Faber

January 16, 2021
Photos: Johanna Faber

The name of the KFPS Breeder of the Year 2020 is Bauke de Boer from Nes. In the past year this 59-year-old ‘Fan Bokkum’ breeder did not only do well in the inspection ring with his Friesian horses, but also in the aptitude tests and dressage, which took him to the top of the leader board with the highest scores for Breeder of the Year 2020. ‘This is the icing on the cake’, Bauke says at his farm, where the film footage for the presentation of the prize was shot prior to the Stallion Inspection. ‘It’s an acknowledgement for my achievements as a breeder and my dad’s breeding work.’

Successful breeding programme from pedigree 110

In the previous year the breeding line from pedigree 110 scored 4 Stars, 1 Sport Elite, 5 Sport horses, 1 Performance mare, 2 Preferent mares and one AA. Bauke de Boer’s breeding programme started with the Model Preferent Neenke. Another key mare from this breeding line is Annichje fan Bokkum Model Sport Elite Preferent Performance AAA (Ulke 338 x Gaije 295), the most predicate-rich mare the KFPS has. Over the years a total of 106 foals were born at the Fan Bokkum’ yard, which resulted in countless Stars, Models, Preferentships, Performance predicates and one all-rounder who earned the maximum series of predicates.
Still, the cattle farmer from Nes harbours one more wish. ‘The mares from this line do exceptionally well, the only thing missing actually, is an approved stallion.’ From the hands of interim Chairman KFPS Detlef Elling, Bauke received a voucher for a Birth Watch, to the value of € 1000.