Breeder Bruggeling: ‘Fan it Waad’ line built on proven blood

Breeder and veterinarian Theo Bruggeling has a top mare in his yard in the shape of breeding day Champion Barran fan it Waad Crown (Jehannes 484). This season three broodmares are in-foal to carry his line forward.

Pedigree 191

Theo Bruggeling founded his breeding on offspring from Tetje H. (Tsjerk 328 x Hearke 254), bred by Sjoerd Heringa from a very short line of pedigree 191. In 2001 Tetje H. was declared Star with a first premium at the age of three. Not just that, the Jury also chose the mare as the best 3-year-old. After that Bruggeling was successful in breeding with Tetje.

Low kinship

Tetje H. became Preferent and the Star daughters used by Bruggeling to continue his breeding have meanwhile produced quite a few Star offspring as well. Barran fan it Waad Crown (Jehannes 484) was the 2019 breeding day Champion in Garijp and she has triple A status: she completed an ABFP Test with 83.5 points. In early March Barran gave birth to an elegant filly foal by Markus 491, Regan fan it Waad. ‘To start building my line I initially chose to use proven, strong sires but at the same time these are the stallions that carry a lot of common blood. Now that I have a solid basis I’m considering to use more low-kinship stallions. That’s important in the breeding of Friesian horses, for the sake of the horses’ health.’


For many people the best-known horse from the ‘Fan it Waad’ line most likely is Arwyn fan it Waad Star Sport Elite (Doaitsen 420). Via Mare fan it Waad Star (Ulbert 390) this Arwyn is a grandson of Tetje H. Arwyn was declared Star but at the Stallion Inspection the judges let him go. Susan Wind has ridden Arwyn to the Sport predicate in three disciplines, which won him the Elite predicate too. Bruggeling: ‘Susan has won so much with him, especially with in-harness work, truly fantastic. Meanwhile Arwyn has been sold to America.’

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