Breeder of the Year 2019: Obe Mous

Obe Mous has been elected Breeder of the Year 2019. On Wednesday January the 22nd he was put in the spotlight by Marijke Akkerman and Sieneke Mekkes from the KFPS, who presented Obe with a Birth Watch together with a beautiful decorative plate.
This tribute usually takes place during the Stallion Inspection but for reasons of health Obe was unable to attend.

Bought first horse at the age of fifteen

The Breeder of the Year 2019 bought his first Friesian horse in 1967, aged just fifteen. This was Wilma, a mare from pedigree 14 from whom he bred a legendary granddaughter: Fabiolaa Star Preferent Performance. Offspring by this Reitse 272 daughter include the approved KFPS stallions Ulke 338 and Karel 370. Studbook stallion Hette 481 also stems from this line.

Eye-catching Marrit fan de Klaster

In the past year the ‘Van de Klaster’ breeding stud reaped success with three first premiums, a stallion referred to the Central Examination and Model as well as Sport mare Marrit fan de Klaster. Achievements that won Obe Mous – who has passed on his love of the Friesian breed to son Klaas – the title of Breeder of the Year.

Ten foals per year

But Obe Mous might just as well qualify for an ‘oeuvre’ prize. The Mous Stud is a household name in the Friesian horse world. Over 216 breeding products have seen the day of light in the Mous stables. About ten foals a year form the basis of in total 50 Star offspring, one Model mare, five Sport predicates and six Preferent mares with one of them even Preferent Performance, the previously-mentioned Fabiolaa. ‘I just follow my instincts’, Obe once modestly remarked in an interview. But the ‘Mous’ horses are not just a stroke of luck. ‘Sharp, 100% honest and always eager to work’, says the breeder, who is present at many breeding days and inspections as a measurer and chipper. ‘I love horses that hold a promise.’

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