Breeder survey leads to new activities

The extensive KFPS breeder survey was completed by 2654 people, with 25% of them foreign members. The results were generally very positive, and also presented a few leads for action. For instance 60% of the breeders are inclined to add to their stock of broodmares. 80% of sportsmen and -women/recreational riders indicate to be interested in breeding, with 80% of them stating that they are able to combine sport and breeding. Over 65% of the breeders (60% of professional breeders) point out that cost prices aren’t compensated by proceeds. One third struggle to sell the foals. 65% indicate they would welcome more breeder meetings.

Based on the results the KFPS think tank has put a number of activities on the calendar.
Like a ‘college tour breeding’ that will be organised over the next months. An online masterclass with experts in the fields of genetics, stallion choices and a discussion evening with breeders. As soon as the Covid 19 restrictions will allow, a new ‘Members’ Day’
will be organised. More ideas were put forward and more information will follow. People who are interested can ask the Studbook office for an extensive report of the breeder survey.