Destiny (Epke 474) Star and Champion in Tennessee


October 7, 2022

The 4-year-old Destiny svf Star (Epke 474 x Fetse 39) became Star second premium as well as Day Champion at the Whitepine inspection in Tennessee (America) on Thursday the 6th of October.

Star stallion promotes his dam to Preferent

With just twelve horses it was a small inspection for Jury members Wil Thijssen and Frans Smits. They chose the 1.69m tall Destiny, owned by its breeder Christina Gregory, as the Champion. There was a second Star for the 12-year-old stallion Isaac of R.F. (Mintse 384 x Jelte 365) who was rewarded with a solid 8 for his breeding type. That result promoted his dam Beitske Rikstje B. Star (Jelte 365 x Foppe 290) to Preferent.
In the colt foal category they could award a first premium to Tobias fan Camelot (Julius 486 x Uldrik 457).

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