Double joy for Gert Cent: Breeder of the Year and Horse of the Year (with video)

Fokker van het Jaar Gert Cent heeft ook het Paard van het Jaar, Boukje C. (Foto: Karin Sevink)

Gert Cent’s 22-year-old mare Boukje C. has become Horse of the Year 2021. But her breeder Gert Cent had another surprising coming on Saturday the 15th of the Stallion Inspection: he was also pronounced Breeder of the Year. ‘I had no idea this was in the offing’, Gert Cent says. ‘Just Boukje’s nomination was quite special in itself.’
Surrounded by eight horses from his own stud Gert and his family received their tribute in Harich. ‘With proven broodmares, healthy and durable horses and strongly-performing sport horses, your Friesian horses are the exact image of what the Studbook has in mind’, is how KFPS Chairwoman Tineke Schokker put it who, together with King’s Commissioner Arno Brok, presented the family with a double set of prizes. ‘What’s more, you also share your breeding with new breeders who then can also use it to continue breeding.’

Unique: Horse of the Year bred by Breeder of the Year

Never before in the history of the KFPS did we have a situation where the Horse of the Year was bred by the Breeder of the Year. The 22-year-old Studbook Preferent Boukje (Anton 343) proved to be the most popular with the expert- as well as the public voters. Her durability, health and breeding power are exemplary, Sjoerd Veenstra from the expert jury commented. From all corners of the Netherlands Boukje’s breeding products travelled to Harich. KFPS Studbook stallion Meinte 490, the 8-year-old Vroukje C. Crown AAA (Norbert 444), the 4-year-old Hanneke C Preliminary Crown (Beart 411) and the 17-year-old Renske C. Star Preferent (Beart 411). And just to complete the picture of this stud four more horses lined up: Yersie C. Crown Sport AAA (Hessel 480) and her dam Uwkje C. Star Sport, who is a 16-year-old Beart 411 daughter. Also present in Harich were another Uwkje daughter, the 9-year-old Pippa C. Crown Sport AA (Norbert 444) and the 20-year-old Gerrie C. Star Preferent Performance.

In the Landauer with Udo and Yersie in front

Gert and Irmy Cent got into the Landauer driven by Udo de Haan and it was their home-bred Yersie C. Crown Sport AAA (Hessel 480) who took them for a double lap of honour.

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