Dutch Sjees attraction on the Royal Melbourne show

One of Australia’s biggest Agricultural shows, The Royal Melbourne show has been an attraction for horse owners, breeders and enthusiasts alike. Established in 1884 it attracts up to half a million people over the 11 days that it runs. This weekend the horses were on exhibition and this year it was even more special for those that are passionate about the Friesian horse.

Crowd pleaser Asante

Six year old Norbert 444 daughter, Asante Sane of Bracekhill was shown by driver Jodie McKeon and owned by Evanne Chesson. Asante was a crowd pleaser, she gained an incredible amount of attention from not just the spectators but also the judges. Later that evening they participated in the Historical turnout class presented again in the Dutch Sjees.

Imported in 2005

This Sjees is the only one known to exist in Australia and was imported from the Netherlands by Evanne Chesson in 2005. Asante and Jodie were decorated with a lot of ribbons: 1st place in Any other vehicle turnout over 14hh, Champion Turnout over 14hh
1 st place in Open Horse over 14hh, 1st place in Ladies Horse over 14hh, Champion Horse over 14hh, 1st place in the Historical Turnout class.

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