Feline Star AA (Norbert 444) Champion Cone Driving in Poland

Foto: Marta Flatow

November 5, 2021
Photo: Marta Flatow

In Poland Feline fân Stal Bellefleur Star AA (Norbert 444 x Felle 422) has become National Champion Cone Driving in the category foreign horse breeds. For next year her owner Joanna Frycze is hoping to start the 4-year-old mare at the World Championships for Young Horses. ‘Now that the Friesian horse has been accepted by the WBFSH that road has opened up for us too.’

Enthusiastic Jury

Joanne points out that Feline would also have won a place in the top among the native breeds category in this Polish Championship. ‘Most horses used for driving here are our own Polish Silesian breed, in the overall outcome Feline would have ended in second place. She has made a very good impression with the Jury and other drivers too were very enthusiastic about her performance.’ So Joanne showers all her praise on Weronika Kwiatek, who was holding the reins in the driver seat.

Poland-bound as a foal

The 4-year-old mare moved to Poland when she was a foal. ‘I was on the lookout for a good mare because I wanted to expand and asked the Derksen family if they had something for sale for me. I had bought horses from them before’, says Johanna about her fân Stal Bellefleur horse, which is the Derksen stable name. ‘I’m very attracted to that type of horse and they really suit me.’ In Poland Feline was awarded a Star second premium as a 3-year-old and last October she scored 78.5 points for her IBOP Driving Test, which means Feline can now flaunt the Star AA predicate behind her name.

World Championship dream

For Joanne it’s a dream to take part in next year’s World Championships with Feline. ‘I reckon that’s possible considering the team of trainers and drivers involved with Feline.’ This breeder of Friesian horses has experience with Friesians in the sport because two of her mares have already obtained the Sport predicate in Poland. ‘They were the first two Friesian Sport mares in Poland. Catching people’s eye in the sport is the best publicity the breed can get’, she says. ‘And when the training- and competition schedule allow we want to try and harvest some embryos from Feline too.’

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