Friesian horses in Sweden win a mane braid competition

At a time when competitions and events are at a standstill, the Swedish branch of the Fries Horse Studbook (SFHF), together with a shop for animal care products, came up with something different this winter. Namely a playful mane braid competition. To Hilltorn’s surprise, Helen Hilltorn’s Friesian horses from Bogren, Sweden, earned first, second and third prizes.

Hilltorn normally participates with eleven-year-old star gelding Helix (v. Tietse) in composite driving competitions at M level, but now she decided to participate in the playful “mane competition”. ‘At Helix I wanted a hairstyle that was beautiful, but also practical to use during driving competitions. The mane shouldn’t get tangled up in gear.’

Quality of haircut

The jury, consisting of a dressage jury and a hairdresser, paid particular attention to the quality of the “hairstyle” and less to decoration in the group of thirteen entrants. In the case of winner Helix, the pattern in the mane that emphasizes the neckline was appreciated. The second prize was considered “classic and elegant”.

Hearts wickerwork

Helix dam Iduna F (v. Adel) received the third prize with a creative heart weave. The nineteen-year-old mare has a mane to her knees. ‘It was the idea of ​​my fourteen-year-old niece Amina to make hearts with Iduna’s long mane. She has done most of the braiding for it and it has become a true work of art. That also says something about the strong bond between Amina and Iduna. ‘

Video from contributors

Hilltorn calls the hair competition, however small, a nice distraction in a period when little else is happening. “I would certainly encourage other equestrian organizations to come up with original ideas as well.” The SFHF and animal care shop made a video impression of the entrants. View it here.


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