FRIESIAN PROMS tip: join the pre-show dinner buffet

Anyone visiting the FRIESIAN PROMS on Thursday- or Friday evening and keen to arrive on time (and make sure to find a parking space) can make a reservation for a dinner buffet at the WTC.

Captains Dinner and Dutch Chow

Prior to FRIESIAN PROMS the Grutte Pier in the WTC offers a dinner buffet from 17:00 hrs. On Thursday evening the ‘Captains Dinner’ is on the menu, on Friday they serve ‘Dutch Chow’. Tickets for the buffet are available at € 27.50 per person, excluding administration costs.


Dinerbuffet Donderdag Nederlands

Dinerbuffet Donderdag Duits

Dinerbuffet Donderdag Engels

Dinerbuffet Vrijdag Nederlands

Dinerbuffet Vrijdag Duits

Dinerbuffet Vrijdag Engels


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