Frits de Jong passes the Chairman gavel of De Fryske Quadrille on to daughter Setske de Jong

Frits en Setske de Jong Foto: Johanna Faber


October 23, 2021
Frits and Setske de Jong Photo: Johanna Faber

On October the 20th 2021 Frits de Jong handed down his function of Chairman of De Fryske Quadrille – after almost thirteen years! – to his daughter Setske de Jong. Frits has been struggling with health issues for some time.


Frits and his wife Rinske have devoted themselves to the Quadrille for many years. The way Frits describes it: ‘It felt like an enrichment to be part of this extraordinary group of people who all share the same passion for the Friesian horse. We have been in a position to give performances within and outside the Netherlands and that opened up ways to visit a variety of many events. It was a great time.’ Frits, a former dairy farmer and stallion keeper, never missed a single training or show.

Highlight Royal Decoration

The highlight of Frits’s time with the Quadrille was the honour of receiving a Royal decoration: during the 2020 Stallion Inspection, after a show by The Fryske Quadrille, he was knighted in the Royal Order of Oranje Nassau. Frits received the decoration from the hands of Mayor Fred Veenstra – of Council De Fryske Marren – for his services to promote the Friesian horse breed. In addition to this he has held various positions on committees.

Continuing Friesian culture

Setske de Jong shares her parents’ love for the Friesian horse and their dedication to continue the Friesian culture. Within the KFPS Setske is a well-known face for many. She’s also active in showdriving competitions and she gives driving- and riding lessons.

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