Golden KFPS Pin for Bert Wassenaar

Huldiging Bert Wassenaar KFPS Hengstenkeuring 2020 © DigiShots

Tribute to Bert Wassenaar KFPS Stallion Inspection 2020 © DigiShots

During the Stallion Inspection on Saturday January the 11th, retiring Chairman Bert Wassenaar received the Golden KFPS Pin from the hands of new KFPS Chairman Wiebe Wieling.

Lap of Honour in a Landau four-in-hand

In all his years as Chairman Bert Wassenaar has shown exceptional commitment for the Studbook and the Friesian breed, for which he has been honoured with this decoration. Wassenaar emphasised that ‘it is something we do together.’ To the sound of ‘You never walk alone’ Bert and his wife Suzanne were driven around the arena by Anne Okkema in a four-in-hand team of Friesians.