Grandiose debut

For my first column, I immediately gained more than enough inspiration at the start of 2020. The Stallion Inspection was my first appearance as chairman of the KFPS. And what a debut: I enjoyed it, what did we all enjoy! In a sold-out WTC, thousands of people came to admire the fantastic Friesian horses. Versatile Friesian horses that passed by in all possible disciplines and guaranteed emotion. Our Friesian horse brings on a lot. The beautiful champion Matthys 504, the honoring of Jasper 366, the Royal ribbon for Frits de Jong and the Golden KFPS pin for Louise Hompe and Bert Wassenaar.
And what about the FRIESIAN PROMS, where music and horse acts made a fantastic show evening. For the first time these two evenings were occupied to the last place. Saturday was the big stallion festival. While the stands were full of our own studbook members, the whole world could enjoy it via television and computer. In short: they were three fantastic days.
Tribute and thanks to everyone who contributed to this. It is special that we can set up such a big event as a (small) studbook. In addition to our skilled and committed people at the office, it is also the many indispensable volunteers who make this possible. I already knew, but it became even more clear to me in Leeuwarden how many people support our Frisian horse and studbook.
The Stallion Inspection was also the perfect moment for me to get acquainted, catch up and exchange ideas. Certainly also with the foreign members and their board representatives. The Stallion Inspection is the perfect reason for them to come to the Netherlands.
Our Friesian horse connects and the involvement with our studbook is enormous, even at a greater distance. It is precisely this great involvement that makes our studbook and the many events that we organize a success.
As a newcomer, I have already noticed a number of things within our organization. I will discuss this with the board, management and members’ council. To ensure that we not only continue to multiply success, but also to share it together.

Wiebe Wieling Chairman KFPS