KFPS intern researches developments in breeding

Over the past few years the number of mares put in foal has remained stable. However, compared to 15 years ago the number of...


Koedie fan ‘e hege Bregster: ‘Subtop horse and big family teddy’

Norway can boast one more new subtop rider. Merete C. Myhre has made her debut in the Prix St. Georges with her Koedie fan...


Friesian Quadrille highlight of Fhana Jubilee (with video)

The act of the Friesian Quadrille during the Fhana Jubilee on July 16th was the impressive highlight of three festive days in Ponoka (Alberta)...



Gender selection in breeding

Photo: Karin Sevink Wouldn´t it be wonderful if breeders could choose the gender of their foals? It can be done...But are we really looking at...


Made in Denmark

The approval of Ulbe 506 and Yme 507 is a distinctive milestone for the breeders of Friesian horses in Denmark. Is it a coincidence...

Vlog and column

Give more rein?

‘In the past few months there have been ample discussions about the course of the Studbook for the next five years. First during the...



  • CH Lunteren with Eise 489
  • Teun 505
  • Auckje fan ‘e Alde Ryd

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