Breeding Cafe: Breeding meets Sport

Very interesting breeders cafe: In the stable of the Nieuwe Heuvel (Lunteren -The Netherlands) KFPS presentator Alice Booij spook to KFPS inspector Piet Bergsma,...


Elias 494 back from Qatar: ‘He makes his own publicity’

March 1, 2021 Marc Peter Spahn - Elias 494 Gothenburg Horse Show 2020 © Digishots On Monday afternoon the 1st of March Elias 494 was back...


New KFPS Clothing line

As many as three new items of clothing can now be ordered via the web shop of the KFPS. The softshell jackets are made of...



Foal susceptible to Lawsonia

April 14, 2021 Foals ingest antibodies via the dam’s beestings (colostrum), but after one or two months the protection from the beestings decreases (Photo: Digishots) At...


Friesian horses in Sweden win a mane braid competition

At a time when competitions and events are at a standstill, the Swedish branch of the Fries Horse Studbook (SFHF), together with a shop...

Vlog and column


It’s quite rare for me to hand in the text for the column so shortly before the deadline. Inspiration differs from time to time....

  • Who are these covergirls?
  • Breeding advice for Diana P Ster
  • In the stable at ‘Fan it Waad’ and ‘Fan ‘e Lytse Generael’
  • Amazone Martha van der Meulen

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