Nominations Inspection and Jury

  The KFPS Board has recently nominated several new people for the Inspection and the Exterior Jury. These nominations will be put to the Member...


Marc-Peter Spahn and Patricia Mannaerts both European Champion

The Light Tour in the European Championship was won by Patricia Mannaerts with Jelle fan ‘e San Ieren (Beart 411). The Champion Title in...


450 Friesians on the beach: ‘This Mega Beach Ride even appears...

On October the 12th as many as 450 black pearls will thunder across the beach at Callantsoog. It is set to be the largest...



Overdue dental care

The 19-year-old gelding Zorro was referred to De Lingehoeve in Lienden because of dental problems. Veterinarian Anne Hiensch-Zeijlmaker examined his teeth: ‘I noticed he...


New champions in Poland

In the weekend of the 26th and 27th of October Jury members Wil Thijssen and Willem Sonnema carried out inspections on two locations in...

Vlog and column


November is the month of final decisions in the selection for young stallions. Which new stallions will be admitted to the elite group of...




  • Zeven stallions further in performance test
  • European Championship
  • Interview Young Breeder Antonia Derksen
  • Breeders en owners Berber van Brabantshof

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