Antonia Derksen Young Breeder of the Year 2019

During the Central Inspection Antonia Derksen, Germany-based breeder of Friesian horses, was honoured as the new Young Breeder of the Year. ‘It´s amazing what...


Adelinde Cornelissen on the Jury at the EC Friesian horses 

The ‘Kennis en Promotie Platform Fries dressuur paard’ ((K&PP) Knowledge and Promotion Platform Friesian Dressage Horse, ed.) has found an international Jury who are...


Nearly 6,000 tickets sold on first day of ticket sales

On the first day of ticket sales for the Stallion Inspection and Friesian Proms nearly 6,000 tickets were sold. That is more than double...



Colic: collective term for belly ache

What exactly is colic? Colic is a collective term for all conditions that cause pain in the region of the belly. Usually this pain...


Two new Crown mares in Sweden

On Saturday the 30th of August the category for 3-year-olds in Swedish Astörp counted two participating mares and both were awarded the Star predicate....

Vlog and column


Last month the Friesian horses ‘mienskip’ had to say goodbye to one of its ‘custodians of the Friesian horse’, Bob Hofstee. Being active in...

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