Tieme Visser: ‘Rather one day at inspections than a week’s holiday’

Some lovers of the Friesian horse can be found all over the inspection grounds. Tieme Visser, 55, from Lunteren is one of those people....


Phryso@home Dressage: keep working on the basic principles

Because of the Corona guidelines training of the Friesian horses is predominantly done at home. Judith Pietersen and Peter Spahn provide tips to get...


Animal interpreter Symone Ottevangers loathes abracadabra

Sometimes a horse owner can be in a situation that makes him or her wish the horse could speak and say what’s the matter....



Dental caries / tooth decay

  June 16, 2020 The cavity in the molar of this 16-year-old gelding has been filled (Photo: Lingehoeve) Veterinarian Anne Hiensch-Zeijlmaker has specialised in dentistry. At the...


You will also encounter Friesian horses in … … Hawaii

Friesian horses can be found all over the world, in about 84 different countries. One of those countries is: Hawaii. In total there are...

Vlog and column

Not a lost year

For many sport disciplines 2020 represents a lost year and from an economical perspective the year has been disastrous for many business sectors. Seen...



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