Breeder of the Year 2019: Obe Mous

Obe Mous has been elected Breeder of the Year 2019. On Wednesday January the 22nd he was put in the spotlight by Marijke Akkerman...


Marc-Peter Spahn and Patricia Mannaerts both European Champion

The Light Tour in the European Championship was won by Patricia Mannaerts with Jelle fan ‘e San Ieren (Beart 411). The Champion Title in...


Golden KFPS Pin for Bert Wassenaar

Tribute to Bert Wassenaar KFPS Stallion Inspection 2020 © DigiShots During the Stallion Inspection on Saturday January the 11th, retiring Chairman Bert Wassenaar received the...



Overdue dental care

The 19-year-old gelding Zorro was referred to De Lingehoeve in Lienden because of dental problems. Veterinarian Anne Hiensch-Zeijlmaker examined his teeth: ‘I noticed he...


New champions in Poland

In the weekend of the 26th and 27th of October Jury members Wil Thijssen and Willem Sonnema carried out inspections on two locations in...

Vlog and column


It´s a bit like being torn between two ideas, the new Regulations for Preferent status of stallions. On the one hand the tendency to...

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