Horse of the Year 2020: Wirdmer fan‘e Boppelannen

Foto: Karin Sevink

January 16, 2021
Photo: Karin Sevink

The 14-year-old Grand Prix stallion Wirdmer fan ‘e Boppelannen Star Sport Elite (Beart 411) has been elected KFPS Horse of the Year 2020. From the hands of Arno Brok, the King’s Commissioner in Friesland, the nearly 80-year-old breeder Marten van der Meer was presented with his prize. ‘This is the crown on my breeder’s career.’

Internationally in the spotlight

A few days before the Stallion Inspection, Wirdmer, his breeders Marten and Geely van der Meer and his lady rider Lisanne Veenje were already the centre of attention. Friesen Exclusiv Wirdmer, which happens to be Wirdmer’s sport name, is owned by Perry and Claudia Prexl from Austria and it is their mission to put the Friesian horse internationally in the spotlight. ‘This award is a recognition for all Friesian horses in top sports’, Perry Prexl says.
Wirdmer has been active in the international Grand Prix for eighteen months now and he still ‘keeps getting better’, we hear from rider Lisanne Veenje, who praises her stallion’s zest for work and character. ‘He’ll go through fire for me.’

Photos: Karin Sevink

Lots of Preferent blood

Wirdmer can boast an exceptionally fine lineage. His sire is the Preferent Beart 411, his dam line shows up nothing but Preferent mares. On both the paternal- as well as the maternal side he carries the blood from mare line 50. ‘That’s the way to embed the strong characteristics’, Marten van der Meer explains, who indicates that the sport was always the focus of his breeding. ‘Horses with a fine exterior that excel in movement. With Wirdmer that has all worked out extremely well’, says the breeder who was visibly enjoying the horse whose birth he witnessed fourteen years ago. ‘Right from birth he was a special one. And now look at him: he has blossomed into a horse with a sparkle.’