Hylke van ’n Elsmos (Alwin 469) Champion in Mexico


November 17, 2022

The inspection in Mexico City on the 16th of November was won by the 4-year-old stallion Hylke van ’n Elsmos Star (Alwin 469 x Beart 411). The 5-year-old Elsa Star (Epke 474 x Mintse 384) became Champion mares and Reserve Overall Day Champion.

Two mares Star

The inspection was judged by Wil Thijssen and Jolanda Slootjes and they awarded two mares with a Star. The first Star was for the 5-year-old Elske W. Star (Thorben 466 x Tsjalle 454), bred by the Wiegersma family from Damwoude and whose owner is Oscar David Munsuri Medina. The second Star went to the 5-year-old Elsa. She made promotion from Studbook to Star second premium and was decorated with the Champion sash for mares and became Reserve Overall Champion. Elsa’s breeder is Heinz Brügger from Legden/Asbeck in Germany and her owner is Ganaeria Hermanos Gomez.

Four stallions Star

The Overall Champion comes from the same yard: Hylke van ’n Elsmos Star (Alwin 469 x Beart 411), bred by the Ten Thije family in Haaksbergen. Hylke is the fifth Star offspring for Wies van de Gonda Star Preferent (Beart 411 x Sape 381). In the stallion category four stallions went home with a Star. Dartanian MFR Star AAA (Doaitsen 420 x Felle 422) became Star, boosted by an IBOP of 87.5 points. Hendrik van de Neel Star (Elias 494 x Beart 411) and Jannes Star (Menne 496 x Tsjalle 454) now also go through life with a Star to their names.

Out of Model mare Caja Moeskaer

The Reserve Title mares was for Habiba TriKar Star AA (Elias 494). This 4-year-old mare already had a Star to her name and is a daughter of Caja Moeskaer Model AA, the well-known Loadewyk 431 daughter who became Reserve Overall Champion at the 2012 Central Inspection and that same year was Champion of the breeding day in Wolvega. Habiba’s breeders are Petra Zeelen and Doeke Hoekstra and last year at the age of three she won herself a Star second premium at the inspection on location. A few months later she completed an ABFP Test with 79 points. This year – partly thanks to embryo transfer – Habiba brought three offspring: a son by Nane 492 and a Wylster 463 daughter in the Netherlands, and in Mexico she gave birth to filly foal Troya van de Sanro (Ulbe 506). This 7-month-old, classy and breed-typical Troya also attended the inspection in Mexico City where she became Youngster Champion mares with a first premium and an 8 for breeding type. The foal’s breeder as well as owner is Ganaderos Huastecos. The Reserve Youngster Champion Title was captured by yearling Petra, daughter of Alfonso Godinez’s Foalbook stallion Haiko van ‘t Lansink Star A (Maurus 441 out of Lobke van ‘t Lansink Star Sport Preferent Performance AAA (Maiko 373). Petra was given a second premium.

First-premium Teo Youngster Champion colt foals

In the colt foal category Teo (Tymen 503 x Beart 411) received a first premium and that won him the Title Youngster Champion colt foals. Teo is a son of Model mare Sjieke van de Klei Model AA (Beart 411) and was bred by the Braam family from Voorst. Teo too comes from Ganaderos Huastecos’s successful yard which had multiple horses at the inspection.

Beant 517 and Dedmer 519

The two KFPS Studbook stallions Mexico can boast, made sure the inspection ended on a high for the Jury members. Beant 517 and Dedmer 519 were presented in the best of health. Both stallions are in the hands of Ganaderos Huastecos, who seeks to give a strong boost to the breeding of Friesian horses in Mexico with this pair of Friesian stallions.

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