Inspections in the US: Crown mare Tara fan Synaeda (Reinder 452) Champion

On the second inspection day in the United States, February the 6th, two Crown mares grabbed the titles: Sharon Bechler’s 8-year-old Tara fan Synaeda Crown AA (Reinder 452) became Champion and the durable 15-year-old Wytske ût de Grachten Crown Sport (Beart 411) was good for the Reserve Title. Both Crown mares were still in prime condition and received a first premium.
Tara is a daughter of Wille fan Synaeda Crown AAA (Beart 411) and a granddaughter of the famous Gonda F.T. Model Preferent AAA who is Sape 381’s half sister, so from pedigree 50 and bred by Anke Oosterbaan. Wytske comes from pedigree 25 and was bred by Michel Schothorst.

Heaven for horses

The wonderful facilities of Sharon M. Bechler’s Windhorse Mountain Friesians in Ahwahnee in California were used as location for an inspection. ‘A fantastic location, something of a paradise for horses on a hill’, is how Jolanda Slootjes describes it. She frequently sends App messages to update us on how things are going. ‘Here we have temperatures of around 22, great weather for inspections and there’s a huge interest for the Friesian horse.’

4-year-old Star mare

Not only the two Champion mares came from her stables, Sharon – who had painted her nails to fit the occasion –  also reaped success in the categories for young horses. Of the younger stock, the 4-year-old Inanka fan Synaeda (Tsjalle 454) was accepted with a Star second premium. Also awarded with a Star was the 4-year-old Hilbert fan Meulunteren (Maurits 437) from Rancho Friesian Gonzalez.
One gelding, a 3-year-old mare and three 4-year-old mares were accepted in the Studbook, one of the 4-year-olds received a third premium.

Birthday boys Germ Aise and Jalmer

Jury members Piet Bergsma and Jolanda Slootjes and the Henswoude team have embarked on a tour through America to present and inspect the Friesian horses. Finally, inspections again after two years and so the breeders are over-enthusiastic on the other side of the Ocean, and so are the people from the KFPS crew. ‘After this inspection we jumped into the car for a 7-hour drive to the next location’, Jolanda relates. ‘We stopped for a bite somewhere along the route and raised our glasses to congratulate Germ Aise on his birthday, and later also Jalmer, who is our runner/presenter at the inspections.’

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