Jildou ter Meer Star (Pier 448)top of the class in Dielsdorf, Switzerland

Stermerrie Jildou ter Meer (Pier 448) met juryleden Jan Hellinx en Manuel Gasseling en eigenaresse Sandra Ehrensperger-Aeschlimann. Geflankeerd door voorbrengers Sandra de Groot, Thom Levert en Piet Sibma.

October 3, 2021

Star mare Jildou ter Meer (Pier 448) with Jury members Jan Hellinx and Manuel Gasseling and owner Sandra Ehrensperger-Aeschlimann, flanked by runners Sandra de Groot, Thom Levert and Piet Sibma.
The 10-year-old Jildou ter Meer Star (Pier 448) was the best mare at the inspection in Swiss Dielsdorf on October the 2nd.

First premium

‘A beautiful, expressive mare,’ is how Jury member Jan Hellinx described Sandra Ehrensperger-Aeschlimann’s 10-year-old mare Jildou ter Meer Star (Pier 448 x Arjen 417). Jildou measures 1.71m and that makes her a pretty sizable mare. According to Jury members Hellinx and Manuel Gasseling she had a roomy and active walk and trotted round in a proud posture, which was good for a first premium. ‘We had some comments concerning the quality of the legwork and she lacked self-carriage in trot, which is why she did not qualify for Preliminary Crown,’ Hellinx explained. Jildou, bred by Peter Meer, made an attractive Day Champion in Dielsdorf.

Success for Da Monico horses

With a second premium, Regula Monico’s filly foal Sue da Monico (Tsjalle 454 x Maurus 441) was the best foal as well as Youngster Champion. ‘Graceful foal with a light-footed trot,’ said Hellinx. Regula Monico is also the owner of the best 3-year-old of the inspection: Gaia da Monico (Jehannes 484 x Wytse 462), from the Ygrek line which also produced Bente 412 and Fridse 423. The big-framed Gaia has a fine, long neck and correct legwork. In movement too she received sufficient points for a Star second premium.

Satisfactory IBOP

David Buehler’s Barinja van Aeueli Star (Jasper 366 x Gjalt 426) completed a neat IBOP Test of 77 points. The 7-year-old Star gelding Vito da Monico (Wolfert 467 x Andries 415) displayed lots of spring in movement and scored 77.5 points.

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