Join the KFPS breeding contest nr IV

How would you place a section with Friesian horses? Now that there are no breeding days, we start with a series of online breeding competitions. After each game, the horses are explained by the jury and we will announce the top participants. At the end of the competition, the overall winner will follow whom we will of course put in the spotlight with nice prizes.

Assessment competition number IV

Four horses (all tree-years old 3 premium mares) are presented by video on the link below. Neatly on hand, in walk and trot. Click at the link on this page in which order you want to place the horses, complete the message and press send. Do this before August 31.
The jury has also placed the horses and they will also provide an explanation. The one closest to the result wins. When several people have the same result, the one with the best explanation wins.

Click on this link and make your choice before August 31

Intermediate standings for participants

Marrit de Vries remains the leader in the list of participants, but everything is still possible. The table below is the score so far. After this competition there will be one more judging competition in which foals can be placed.
Please note: at the end of the summer, we will cancel the highest score or one match you did not participate in. In other words, there is still plenty of opportunity to become Overall Winner of the 2020 judging competition.

Voorlopige plaatsing Naam Punten 1e wedstrijd Punten 2e wedstrijd Punten 3e wedstrijd Punten 4e wedstrijd Overall winner 3 wedstrijden
1 Marrit de Vries 2 2 9* 4
2 Nadeen Davis 1 5 6
3 Grietsje Ensing 3 6 9
4 H van Dijk 4 5 10* 9
5 Wiesje van der Woude 10* 6 4 10
6 Marissa Visser 7 4 8* 11
7 Antonia Derksen 10 7 17
* hoogste punten worden afgetrokken bij deelname aan alle wedstrijden