Lisanne Veenje and Friesen Exclusiv Wirdmer (Beart 411) off to international dressage competition in Denmark

Lisanne Veenje en Friesen Exclusiv Wirdmer (Beart 411) tijdens het CDI3* in Exloo (Foto: Paula Drent) Lisanne Veenje and Friesen Exclusiv Wirdmer (Beart 411) at the CDI3* in Exloo (Photo: Paula Drent)

Between the 16th and 20th of October next not only Dutch riders like Adelinde Cornelissen, Hans-Peter Minderhout and Jill Huijbregts will be present at the international CDI3* dressage competition in Herning, Denmark, for us all to admire. Lisanne Veenje with her Friesen Exclusiv Wirdmer (Beart 411), aka Wirdmer fan ‘e Boppelannen, has also received an invitation for this FEI event.

Solid Preparations

‘Quite an undertaking,’ is how Lisanne describes her trip to Denmark. ‘Next week we are going to apply for export papers. Travelling to Belgium or France with a horse is pretty straightforward, for Denmark you need decidedly more paperwork.’ This lady rider has even skipped the Dutch Championships for Friesian horses in order to get fully prepared. ‘Wirdmer has had a visit from the dentist, we have booked him in for physiotherapy treatment and we have followed extra lessons to make sure we can perform to our best. We have had to be rather selective in choosing our competitions for some time.’ Lisanne and Wirdmer are planning to put in an appearance during the European Championships in Haskerhorne, though. ‘That´s one week before Denmark, so that´s great in terms of preparation.’

International Debut in Exloo

It´s not the first time Lisanne and Wirdmer are competing in an international Grand Prix test. Their first appearance at international level was in Exloo last July, where they were eye-catchers in the Grand Prix freestyle to music and roped in a score of 66,32%. ‘That asks for more’, Lisanne said at the time. But the ticket for Herning could only be earned by bringing in good results. Halfway through September they pulled that off by clocking 65% at a subtop competition in Exloo. ‘With scores of 8 for the piaffe, Wirdmer keeps getting better.’ Last week she finally received the go-ahead from the KNHS: taking part in Herning is a fact.

Saturday: Grand Prix Special

In Herning the veterinary check is on Wednesday, on Thursday morning Lisanne and Wirdmer have to ride the Grand Prix. The Grand Prix Special is scheduled for the Saturday. ‘That´s going to be quite taxing’, says Lisanne, who is still pushing the boundaries with her stallion. ‘In the Grand Prix Special the exercises come in rapid succession. Riding pirouettes on the A-C line, followed by one-time changes and then another pirouette’, she gives just one example. ‘Wirdmer is quite competent, very skilful, but it is a pretty demanding test.’ She will be satisfied with a 65% score in the Grand Prix and when she achieves a solid winning point in the Special. ‘Yes, that would be great. But the fact that I have qualified to ride in Denmark with Wirdmer is a fantastic achievement in itself too.’