Looking ahead

By the time you read this we have left 2020 behind us. It has been a difficult year for millions of people, but also for our Studbook. Difficult, because our internal structure has possibly failed. Bodies whose work was below par, and bodies that overreached themselves trying do their work correctly but instead achieved exactly the opposite. Some people were damaged, some people left out of frustration.
Fortunately, thanks to the personal commitment of many volunteers, training stables, Jury- and staff members we can look back on a successful inspection year, shaped in a way that previously no one had ever envisioned.

The crisis year 2020 forced us to reinvent ourselves. We responded by seeing this exceptional situation as a challenge and have used it to think about new concepts. In a time that required forward thinking we managed to pursue new avenues while preserving our culture and traditions. This way, 2020 did not turn into a lost year for breeding. Not every studbook is capable of mustering that kind of flexibility. We are therefore also seriously considering how in future years – hopefully without Covid 19 – these novel concepts can be continued. Perhaps it’s an idea to make regional meetings more interesting with the help of technical developments, provide new options for inspections in order to increase the appeal of our entire Studbook. Not just for existing members but also for potential members.
With the online Stallion Inspection on the horizon we know that tens of thousands of people will follow the event, certainly the full spectrum of our Studbook members. That means breeders, users and lovers of Friesian horses. More than ever before, this year our black pearls are going to bring a bit of joy to so many people who presently feel trapped in their homes.
What will the year 2021 bring us? It’s a good thing we don’t know but still, we can exert a bit of influence. As far as our Studbook is concerned I would like to suggest three things: to listen, to accept different opinions and to show respect to everyone.
Let’s hope that 2021 is going to restore some degree of normality and enable us to look forward to our Royal horses.

Best wishes for 2021! I do hope we’ll be able to meet up again!
Detlef R. Elling
Interim Chairman KFPS