Looking into the crystal ball

Sometimes we would like to have a crystal ball that would tell us what the future has in store for us. As a breeder I would know in advance which premium my foal would get or whether I would finally succeed in getting that much-coveted Crown title for my mare this season. And for partnerships too the crystal ball would help to find out a thing or two about what’s going to happen.

Unfortunately, as we all know such a forward-looking view is just not possible and wouldn’t provide us with the wisdom we seek. But even if it were, would we really want it? We would miss out on many happy moments, moments that trigger a variety of emotions. Emotions are very important for all of us, in virtually all walks of life. But they can be dangerous too. I often compare emotions with a horse, because you need to make sure they don’t walk away from you and start a life of their own. Recently we had such a walking-away ‘emotions’ horse during this year’s under-saddle exam at the CE. That’s scary to me and yet, I do hope that the owner will succeed in ‘catching’ these emotions again to see things in the right perspective.

Sure enough emotions flared up again when we announced the information that we are planning to organise a Stallion Inspection and two show evenings with audiences in 2022. Unfortunately though, since then our euphoria has been somewhat dampened by the developments concerning Covid-19. All we can do is wait and see how things progress. And since we already came to the conclusion at the beginning of this column that a look in the crystal ball would offer no solace, we have to rely on the daily updated official information and the developments around us. Yet, we remain positive as always and we assume that everything will work out well.

When you read this column there will probably be more answers already and maybe you have been able to secure seats. Along with the preparations for the Stallion Inspection it’s also full steam ahead for the planned regional meetings and the Meeting of the Member Council. At the end of this month the next stallion selection trajectory gets underway with the First Viewing of the young stallions, this time for the first time in Harich. We also have a few meetings on our agenda with various bodies, some of them already with a view to next year. So never a dull moment in our Studbook!
Detlef Elling

Interim Chairman KFPS

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