Mees 497 Sport Elite to Aftonmora Friesians!

Mees 497 met zijn vaste amazone Leonie Evink (Foto: RM Photography)

The Scandinavian Friesian Horse Centre Aftonmora Friesians acquires the eight-year-old Sport Elite stallion Mees 497.

“We are extremely pleased to have Mees 497 to Aftonmora Friesians. He is an impressive stallion with great talent for Sport and provides the opportunity to maintain the Tymon 456 line within Europe for many years to come. The goal going forward with Mees 497 is to continue to pursue a competitive career towards the highest dressage levels combined with breeding”, says Sandra Åhs Sivertsen of  Aftonmora Friesians.

“2021 will be an exciting year for Mees 497 since we both have our sights set on his Grand Prix debut and the upcoming breeding season will be the first time that his three-year-old offsprings will be judged at the ABFP tests. What we have seen so far from his offspring is really impressive.
The initial plan is to let him stay in Holland for the next upcoming years, with his very good semen quality we can still offer him for mares in Scandinavia and other parts of the EU. Finally, we would like to thank Marcel Schoo at Stal Jede who gave us this opportunity to take over the responsibility for Mees 497.” – Sandra Åhs Sivertsen, Aftonmora Friesians

“Stal Jede can proudly announce that the KFPS stambook stallion Mees 497 is sold to Aftonmora Friesians in Sweden. We wish them continued success with this exceptional stallion!” Marcel Schoo, Stole Jede.

Mees 497, born in 2012, is one of the most promising young dressage talents in the Friesian world, has already accumulated an impressive sports resumé:

– 1st place Talent Cup for 3-year-old stallions 2015
– 1st place Pavo Fryso Cup 4-year-old stallions 2016
– 1st place Pavo Fryso Cup 5-year-old stallions 2017
– 1st place Alrako Championships M1 2017
– Champion class Z1 Friesian Championships 2018
– Regional champion (all races) class M1 2019
– Champion class Z2 KFPS horses to fly 2019
– Sport Elite predicate completed 2019
– Intermediee 1 start with qualification for intermediee 2, 2020
– Grand Prix 2021?

On the ABFP test as a three-year-old, Mees got 497 8´s in the assessment on both trott, gallop, balance, elasticity and impulse! His amazing breeding values describes a stallion that has the highest possible Sport genes. The genes heritage of course from his sire Tymon 456 Sport-Elite, but also grandfather Dries 421 Sport both with reputation for breeding talented offsprings suitable for sport.