Mia van de Gela Crown (Pier 448) Champion in the Czech Republic

The 7-year-old Mia van de Gela Crown (Pier 448), Champion of the Czech Republic

At the inspection in the Czech Republic on the 28th of September the organisation had decided that each category with three or more participating horses should include a championship. Jury members Jan Hellinx and Johan van der Velde could award several champion sashes, which was a nice extra for the one hundred or so audience that later in the afternoon was also treated to a great show with Friesian and Spanish horses. Champion of the colt foals was Joris (Alwin 469 x Folkert 353), owned by Michaela Entová. The Champion sash for fillies went to Katerina Sálková´s Jasmine van Dupaumolen (Maurus 441 x Wierd 409). Both foals were awarded a second premium. Katerina Sálková could go home with a Star stallion: Wickey van Dupaumolen (Bartele 472 x Tije 401) radiates breeding type and trotted with lots of action. Wickey was chosen Champion of the Stallions.

Mia van de Gela Crown Day Champion

Eva Bláhová´s yearling Grace B. (Alwin 469 x Jisse 433) combined fine type and correct conformation with good movement, which resulted in a second premium and the Yearling Champion Title. The 3-year-old Anke M. v.d. Slothoeve (Alke 468 x Olof 315) was bred in the Netherlands by C.J. Breimer. The new Czech owner watched the mare trot to Star and a second premium as well as winning the Title 3-year-old Mares. ‘A longlined mare with correct legwork,’ Jan Hellinx judged, ‘with satisfactory scope in walk and she trotted with good use of the hind leg and a fine balance.’ Pavel Silhánek´s 7-year-old Mia van de Gela Crown (Pier 448 x Jerke 434) went around the arena with a great deal of verve. The big-framed mare received an orange sash and claimed the Title of Day Champion.

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