New on the Central Inspection: New Member’s Day and Xerxina Challenge Trophy

Cursus Beoordelen I tijdens de 'Education Week' tussen 15 en 19 juli 2019 Course Judging I during ‘Education Week between’ 15th - 19th of July 2019

New Members’ Day 17 September

For the first time, a New Members’ Day will be organised during the Central Inspection. With this initiative the KFPS aims to organise a low-threshold introduction for new members to help find their way within the Studbook. With a survey to be held previously, we will make an inventory of what it is people need. The initiative for this day came from the Think Tank Stimulating Breeding.

New prize: Xerxina Challenge Trophy

This year we are going to introduce the presentation of the Xerxina Challenge Trophy at the CI, a prize for the best young sport mare, from 7 years old and older. Eligible for this prize are Crown- and Model mares with a high level in dressage. The prize consists of a sum of € 750 to be divided among breeder, owner and rider. The prize is in memory of Petra van den Heuvel who passed away on the 15th of February this year and who is the breeder of Xerxina Model Preferent (Mark 232 x Tabe 203).

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