Nominees for Horse of the Year 2020

Voting can take place until 31 December. The public Jury and expert Jury combined decide who wins the title. Announcement of Horse of the Year 2020 takes place on Saturday the 16th of January during the online Stallion Inspection 2021.

Wyp van ’t Lansink Model Sport Preferent Performance AAA

Breeder/owner: Rinus Loman and Carla Nijdam

The 13-year-old Wyp van ‘t Lansink (Beart 411) has accumulated an impressive series of predicates, which takes her to the top echelon of broodmares within the Studbook. Apart from being beautiful and athletic, Wyp is also an extraordinary broodmare. She has a combination of exceptional qualities which make this a well-deserved nomination. Thanks to the embryo transfer technique this mare, owned by Rinus Loman and Carla Nijdam, has already given thirteen foals, four of these have received a Star and one is currently known to be Preliminary Crown. Wyp comes from line 8, her dam is the now 18-year-old Lobke van ‘t Lansink Star Sport Pref AAA (Maiko 373) who can still be found in the fields at Carla and Rinus’s yard. Wyp’s talent – Model, Sport, Preferent, Performance and triple A – is in her genes. Let’s find out if she can add yet another title to her list by becoming Horse of the Year.

Wirdmer fan ‘e Boppelannen Star Sport Elite

Sport name: Friesen Exclusiv Wirdmer
Breeder: Marten van der Meer
Owner: Prexl Family, Austria

Under the name of Friesen Exclusiv Wirdmer (Beart 411 x Jillis 301) this 13-year-old Grand Prix stallion is making furore at international dressage competitions. With his rider Lisanne Veenje in the saddle Wirdmer is a guarantee for wonderful PR. Wirdmer was bred by the now 78-year-old Marten van der Meer who sees the stallion as ‘the crown to his breeding’. Both on the maternal as well as the paternal side Wirdmer harks back to pedigree 50, which explains his talent and his fantastic character. That’s so important, his owners Perry and Claudia Prexl from Austria state. ‘Wirdmer is always ready to work for you and that’s what’s needed for higher dressage.’ Lisanne and Wirdmer haven’t reached their peak yet. ‘He keeps getting better’, Lisanne declares. Which is good news for all lovers of Friesian horses because it means we can keep enjoying him for a long time to come.

Melle van de Lits Star A

Breeder: Aise Bouma
Owner: Albert Minkema

Unfortunately, the 2020 showdriving season was a short one. Still, there was one name that popped up all over the place: Melle van de Lits, also known as Melcher fan de Pikestjelp Star A (Wimer 461 x Jasper 366). ‘Very special’, is how the Jury described his shoulder freedom, roomy use of the foreleg and a hind leg brimming with power. Yet, it was not altogether a surprise that the 8-year-old Melle, bred by Elbert-Wim Andela, made such an extraordinary impression. In 2019 he also collected top placings all round. And not just with his driver Albert Minkema, but also with daughter Lisa who won the under-saddle showdriving class with Melle. In the course of last year the ardent Melle really settled into his role of showdriving horse. He grew stronger and caught the eye even though there weren’t that many showdriving competitions. Reason enough to nominate him for Horse of the Year 2020.

Gea v.d. Slothoeve Model Sport AAA

Breeder: Cees Breimer
Owner: Kirsty Baldwin, UK

In November she was elected Model Mare of 2020 out of a field of sixteen fantastic mares, which propelled Gea v.d. Slothoeve (Maurits 437 Gradus 356) into the race for the title Horse of the Year 2020. Gea, a Cees Breimer breeding product, is a real go-getter. The now 10-year-old mare succeeded in progressing from a 3-year-old 3rd-premium mare to Model. Kirsty Baldwin from the UK purchased Gea as a 4-year-old. In the UK Gea competed in dressage and won everything. Back in the Netherlands Gea earned the Crown- and Sport predicates and this summer she became Model. With one colt by Beart 411, the time has now come for Gea to make a career in breeding.


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