Online Regional Meeting KFPS welcomes four new Council Members

May 20, 2021

The online KFPS Regional Meeting on Wednesday evening the 19th of May gave the green light for four members to become Members of the Member Council. Arno Thomassen, Jan-Wietse de Boer, Age van der Zee and Sjoerd Veenstra are going to reinforce the Member Council, Mirella van Leeuwen and John Boot were re-elected.

Energy into core business

Interim Chairman Detlef Elling opened the meeting with the announcement that Ids Hellinga is going to leave the KFPS. Looking for trust, being discrete and yet transparent; the KFPS Board is trying to find a balance and according to Elling, that is quite a challenge. ‘We are presently going through a time of great upheaval but at the same time are hopeful that we can soon put our energy into the core business of our Studbook again.’
There’s more than enough on the calendar for the next few months. The inspections on location have already yielded ten first-premium Star mares. Thanks to relaxation of Covid-19 measures, we have got good hope that these horses can show themselves at the Central Inspection (at a different location than Drachten). The Breeding Days have been planned too so the fans of Friesian horses can look forward to meeting in person again this summer. That’s also where they may run into two new prospective Jury members: Marissa Visser and Anouk Holleman.

Some alternatives here to stay

At the online Regional Meeting it became clear that a few concepts from Corona times are here to stay. People asked for instance for livestreaming of Breeding Days, the KFPS College Tours will be continued this autumn and the Judging Course will also appear in an online variety which will be available – for members only – within a few weeks. Thanks to all these alternatives the KFPS closes the year 2020 on a very good note in terms of content. There is a financial loss, which is again factored in for this year, but the financially very healthy Society has no problems dealing with that. For next year the members can look forward to an App with news from the Friesian horse world, a HAP, HengstenAdviesProgramma, (StallionAdviceProgramme, ed.), a second edition of the handbook Friesian Horses and breeding value estimates will be worked out with more fine-tuning concerning sport aptitude. Plenty of fine initiatives to look forward to.

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