Pier 448 has died

October 13, 2022

Pier 448’s life came to an end at the age of seventeen. He had an injury and it was better to let him go, Stallion Station De Nieuwe Heuvel has announced. Here the stallion always used to be the centre of attention for a ‘hugging’ session at the end of the programme after shows and demonstrations.

1500 stud services

‘Grutte Pier’ – his height at withers was 1.77m – as he was lovingly known, has nearly 1500 stud services to his name. He was a Beart 411 son and in the shape of his own son Jouwe 485 and grandsons Arent 515 and Boet 516 he has made sure the line continues. There are five Model mares who have Pier 448 for a father, he has produced eleven Crown daughters and three mares have become Preferent. His Star percentage was 50 and nineteen Pier 448 offspring became Sport, six obtained the AAA predicate.

8.5 for walk

Pier 448 (Beart 411 x Aiso 279) was born as Reyndert and bred by C.J. van de Maden in Lage Zwaluwe. In 2008 he was approved at the age of three and at the same time he obtained his AA predicate. Quite remarkable on his overall good list was the 8.5 for the walk in his driven test. It was this walk and his strong movement with powerful hind leg which also caught the eye in his offspring’s aptitude tests and which won Pier 448 his permanent approval. The stallion had progressed to ZZ Heavy in dressage.

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