Podium place for Mees 497 and Tomas (Maurits 437) Sport Elite during Subtop Tolbert

Britt Muis en Tomas fan 't Wegje Sport Elite (Maurits 437)

Last weekend Tolbert, Groningen, was the stage of the Subtop Dressage Multi-Day Event. On all days Friesian horses could be seen in the ring, with Peter Spahn and Mees 497 taking the cake in the Prix St. Georges on Saturday thanks to a 67.868% score.

Constant performances

Mees 497 appeared in the ring on all three days and Peter is really pleased with his mount’s achievements, as can be read on his Social Media: ‘On Sunday Mees realised a good 67% score, which shows he performs very constantly throughout the competition. He is clearly headed in the right direction. The Jury have given us some tips and we’re certainly going to work on that.’

Almost 70% for Elias

KFPS Studbook stallion Elias 494 also put in an appearance in Tolbert. With Peter in the saddle the audience was treated to an expressive freestyle to music on the Saturday evening. This combination from Niebert was rewarded with 69.25% from the Jury and that secured them a place in the top ten. It was a busy weekend for Peter because on the Sunday Jeroen Poll (Anders 451) also had a chance to show himself off to his best, which resulted in 65.942% in the Grand Prix.

Tomas Sport Elite

Britt Muis and Tomas fan ’t Wegje (Maurits 437) also scored well on Saturday. Thanks to a 64.55% score in the Prix St. Georges the 8-year-old stallion acquired his fifth winning point at that level and therefore can now flaunt the Sport Elite predicate. A day earlier Britt and her Tomas had also earned a point in that same category. And to put the icing on the cake, Britt rode It’s Britt’s Hebbe (Olgert 445) to 62.885% in a strongly contested Grand Prix on the Saturday.

Winning scores for Olmo, Wirdmer and Renske

Friday was a successful day too for Mark van Leeuwen and Olmo fan S (Uldrik 457), this combination from South Netherlands achieved a 64.044% score in the Prix St. Georges. Lisanne Veenje and Wirdmer fan ‘e Boppelannen (Beart 411) earned points in the Grand Prix with 61.576%. On Sunday Renske Carmen f.d. Visscherwei (Tsjalke 397) with Hennie Roffel in the saddle demonstrated that mares certainly measure up to stallions by collecting a 63.08% score in the Intermediate I.

Parel scores

Subtop dressage was not only ridden in the North, in Nieuwe Wetering in South Holland, a Friesian horse appeared at the start too: Parel fan Goffert (Goffert 369) with lady rider Nienke Schrale. The combination was successful in Grand Prix dressage and rode to 60.16%.

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