Preliminary Crown mare Jasmin (Bikkel 470) wins in Hosena


September 5, 2022

At the inspection in Hosena in Germany on Saturday the 3rd of September, the 3-year-old Jasmin vom Schladitzer See (Bikkel 470 x Tsjalke 397) became Star with a first premium, Preliminary Crown and to top it all off, also Breeding Day Champion. Sebastian Schiller’s mare found as her Reserve Champion beside her the young first-premium Crown mare Ina von Greifenstolz Crown AA (Omer 493 x Bartele 472), owned by Ralf Reinhardt.

Breeding Day Champion and Preliminary Crown Jasmin vom Schladitzer See (Bikkel 470 x Tsjalke 397)

Jasmin upgrades herself in movement

In the 3-year-olds, Jury members Jolanda Slootjes and Willem Sonnema could present Jasmin with an orange rosette. ‘A fine expressive head, good body shape and a long shoulder’, Willem Sonnema commented. The mare is slightly standing under but in movement she strongly improved. ‘She has a roomy and very regular walk, a trot with a long moment of suspension, a lot of tact, posture as well as scope. Her second presentation earned Jasmin the Preliminary Crown predicate.

The good-looking Reserve Champion Ina von Greifenstolz Crown AA (Omer 493 x Bartele 472) has length in her neck and croup and also dry legwork. For her walk she received an 8. ‘She walks with very ground-covering strides and tact. Her trot too is roomy, in which she moves with very nice posture and fine bend in the hock. She should move a bit more over the back though’, is how Willem Sonnema explained the first premium for this 4-year-old mare.

Star gelding Axim

In the gelding section Fanny Grimmer’s Axim vom Seenland (Tsjalle 454 x Pier 448) earned a Star with a second premium. The 6-year-old Axim was bred by Ralf Munitzk, who can look back on a successful inspection that was organised on his own premises. His home-bred yearling Rosalie vom Seenland (Tiede 501 x Pier 448) reeled in the Youngster Championship after having received a first premium. Especially her trot, for which she was given an 8, caught the eye. ‘She really shows very appealing use of the foreleg.’

Three first-premium foals

In the foal category there were three foals that went home with an orange rosette. Colt foal Tjark LB (Willem 508 x Jasper 366), owned by Mrs S. Bessing, showed good body shape, a brisk walk and trotted with lots of posture, scope, tact and balance. In the filly foals it was Trudy vom Seenland (Yme 507 x Haitse 425) who won herself a first premium. ‘She has a lot of expression and a fine front. Her topline is strong and she has a long croup.’ The walk is active but lacks a bit of scope. In trot however, Ralf Munitzk’s foal showed elevation, balance and strong use of the hind leg.

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