Programme Central Mare Inspection: 11-12-13-14 September FCD Drachten

The Central Inspection will take place at the Friesch Congrescentrum in Drachten. Again on the programme this year is the sport evening, offering you the chance to enjoy the Finals of the Pavo Fryso Cup, the presentation of stallions entered for the Short Test and new this year, a presentation of the Sport Elite mares. This presentation takes place with the running commentary of a prominent Jury member from the Dutch dressage world. All the ingredients for a super evening are there, with the sport taking centre stage!

Wednesday 11 September

Afternoon & evening:  Semi Finals Pavo Fryso Cup Dressage Aptitude Mares

Thursday 12 September

Afternoon & evening: Semi Finals Pavo Fryso Cup Dressage Aptitude Stallions/Geldings

Friday 13 September: Youth, Sport- and Star mares

One of the events on Friday´s agenda is the Foal Championship. Foals that have acquired a first premium at inspections/breeding days are entitled to take part in the battle for the Overall Foal Championship under the condition that they are presented at their dam´s side. Yearlings and 2-year-olds are classed together for the Honorary Title of Youngster Champion.
On this day the inspection takes place outdoors on the grass area next to the FCD. During the day inspections of 4- to 6-year-old Star mares and 7-year- and older Star mares take place indoors. The Final of the Pavo Fryso Cup Driving Aptitude is scheduled on the outside grounds for the end of the afternoon.

Sport evening

The Great Final of the Pavo Fryso Cup Dressage Aptitude Mares and Stallions/Geldings takes place on Friday evening. Who is going to take home the prestigious title of this year´s edition? Also on the programme is a presentation of the stallion(s) entered for the Short Test. A new addition is the open presentation of the Sport Elite mares. In this new category the mares sporting this exceptional title get a chance to put their best foot forward. The KFPS will contract a reputable Jury member to provide this category with a running commentary.

Saturday 14 September: Inspections

The Saturday features the top number (3-year-olds) of the programme: Crown mares and Model declaration. The afternoon is reserved for various championships and the Finals Pavo Fryso Cup Show Driving Aptitude. Another new addition to this year´s programme is the presentation of the Model mares who can be presented either in the long lines or in-hand.