Results 1st KFPS judging competition

The first online KFPS judging competition resulted in more than 200 participants. Jury members Corrie Terpstra and Jan Hellinx had lined the mares up in this order: B A C D. Out of more than 200 entrants 23 entrants provided the correct answer. The participants whose explanations are closest to the Jury’s will get the highest place on the leader board (ranging from 1 – 10). The other correct entrants also receive 10 points. At the end of the summer we will check all the correct entrants for who has the lowest scores and that person will be proclaimed Overall Winner.

The winners of this 1st online judging competition are:
1 Katya Koletzki
2 Marrit de Vries
3 Dominique Van ‘t Hof
4 H van Dijk
5 Fronie Santema
6 Grytsje van der Zee
7 Marissa Visser
8 Astrid Hryciuk
9 lydia mastenbroek
10 Mieke Bon , Douwe Jan Westra, Catherine Anderson, Imke Leemans, Mieke Biesma, Monique Thornley, Julia Vogel, Stijnie Kuiper, Cordula Hermes, Wytske Postma, Wiesje van der Woude, Antonia Derksen, Jerôme Tehupeiory, Jeen Mulder

The KFPS will shortly reward Katya with a beautiful KFPS headcollar!

Breeding goal
When judging a Friesian horse at inspection the focus lies on how much the horse in question answers the requirements as described in the KFPS breeding goal. The elements Breeding type, Conformation, Legwork, Walk and Trot are included in the assessment. The better the horse meets the ideal breeding goal characteristics, the higher the premium. The horses were selected at various location inspections last May and were accepted in the Studbook with the Star declaration and a second premium. A second-premium Star mare is better than the average Friesian horse with respect to exterior, legwork, and movement, so they do not have any serious shortcomings in terms of breeding type, exterior, legwork, walk and trot. Ranking by lining up the horses therefore comes down to finetuning and assessing small differences in quality between the separate characteristics. It should be noted that for awarding premiums and the final ranking, movement is weighed in at 60% and breeding type/conformation/legwork at 40%.

Explanation Judges
Corrie Terpstra and Jan Hellinx give the following explanation: ‘Our leading mare is B Anna Clara fan d’ald Loop Star AA (Jehannes 484 x Beart 411), breeder/owner W.W. de Boer, Achlum:
This is a horse with good breeding type, a longlined build and a strong back and loin section. For breeding type and conformation this mare scores well above average. Correct stance of the legwork is satisfactory. The walk is regular with a sound four beat and the hind leg sends away the foreleg in the correct way. The walk would benefit from a bit more scope of strides as well as use of the back. In trot this mare demonstrates fine self-carriage, rising in the withers. The mare trots with good bend in the hind leg, placing the hind leg far forward under the body. This results in great self-carriage which can be achieved without having to develop more speed. The mare trots with balance and good transitions, she can move forward and back again on the hind leg while keeping the balance.’

In place 2 we find the horse Baukje fan de Boyemaheer Star (Bartele 472 x Aan 416), breeder/owner J. Klaver, Lutjegast:
‘This mare too has great breed expression, a noble head and abundant feathers. We would have liked a slightly lighter head-neck connection. The topline shows more than satisfactory strength with a slightly sloping croup. Stance of the legwork is straight. The mare displays a regular walk and satisfactory scope of stride. She needs to develop a bit more use of the body in walk, in walk she remains a little tight in the back. The trot has scope with satisfactory bend in the hind leg. Forward reach of the foreleg is satisfactory.’

In place 3 is C Annemiek van visser Star (Alwin 469 x Stendert 447), breeder/owner T.C. Visser, Lunteren:
‘A horse with a lot of breed expression, abundant feathers and a well-shaped vertical neck which has a light upward arch. The neck lacks a bit of length. She is somewhat mature for her age and therefore slightly lacking in youthful expression. She is a horse with a strong topline and wide loins as well as satisfactory length of croup. Functional movement of the foreleg is slightly toeing-out. The horse moves with good length of stride but occasionally struggles a bit with tact. She trots with good posture and lots of bend in the hock, demonstrating an active hind leg. The mare should develop a bit more use of the back and more looseness in the topline.’

Coming up in 4th place is D Adelheit van Wiko Star (Bartele 472 x Haitse 425), breeder/owner: G.M. de Wit, Kamerik:
‘A horse with classy breed expression but a slightly early-mature appearance. She has satisfactory feathers. The mare has a vertical neck with satisfactory length but use of the underside of the neck is a little too prominent. Other than that she has correct conformation but lacks the long lines. Quality of closed topline is satisfactory. The legwork radiates dry quality, the foreleg is slightly toeing-in and she is a bit small-angled in the hind leg. The walk is powerful but a fraction tense which is why she doesn’t always follow through her steps. The trot has satisfactory scope and bend in the hind leg. Because of the tension the horse remains somewhat tight in the back, hollowing the back and therefore moves a bit too much on the forehand.’

The next online judging competition takes place close to 19 June.