Saturday November 13th: final exam Central Examination and start Horses2fly KFPS Sport Competition Showdriving

Hippisch Centrum Exloo.

Saturday the 13th of November is the day of the final exam of the Central Examination 2021 and on this day it will be announced which stallions can now call themselves KFPS Studbook stallions. It also marks the start of the Horses2fly KFPS Sport Competition Showdriving in Exloo. This fine mix of sport and breeding can be followed live via the livestream from 10.00 hrs onwards.

Six stallions

There are still six stallions in Exloo. The five remaining stallions will complete their driving- and showdriving exams, stallion number six is going to complete his Short Test on Saturday. Somewhere around noon the Stallion Inspection Committee will – after consulting with the owners – announce which stallions will receive their much-coveted stud license.

Detour (alternative route)

For anyone who is planning to come to Exloo please be advised that there is a detour on the N34, but the Hippisch Centrum in Exloo can be accessed without problems. Click here for the map with the detour descriptions.

Programme Saturday the 13th of November

Location: Hippisch centrum Exloo
(indoor access with QR code)

10:00 hrs Horses2Fly Sport Competition Mares/Stallions/Geldings

Click here for the catalogue of the Horses2fly KFPS Sport Competition Showdriving

10:15 hrs Presentation Marten fan Starking (Dries 421 x Abe 346) by guest rider Marten Luiten

10:30 hrs Presentation individual stallions. Presentation by the test drivers
(first part of the presentation is driving-oriented, to be continued with the showdriving part)

Starting order:
14 Hinne B. (Hette 481 x Alwin 469)
1 Gerben A.L (Nane 492 x Beart 411)
42 Aizo fan Twillens (Haike 482 x Wylster 463)
23 Herre fan Hylpen (Nane 492 Reinder 452)
34 Faust B (Maurits 437 x Haitse 425)

11:30 hrs Horses2Fly Sport Competition Young Riders
Attention for those who have assisted in the Central Examination
12:00 hrs Horses2Fly Sport Competition Two-in-hand in front of the competition carriage
12:15 hrs Honouring of new collection Studbook stallions

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