Special at English inspection: Jade (Stendert 447) with five offspring

Breeders Ian and Gaynor of Fraithwen Stud achieved a special milestone at the inspection in England. Their mare Jade fan de Groenesteegh Ster (Stendert 447), purchased seven years ago, came to the inspection with her foal, and her yearling, her two-year-old, her four-year-old and her five-year-old offspring who also showed themselves at this inspection.

Star offspring with a talent for sports

“I think this is a very unique event,” says Ian, who started breeding Friesian horses nine years ago with his wife Gaynor. “We have already set up a nice line. The goal is to breed Star offspring with potential for the sport.”
When Jade was three they bought her to fulfill their breeding goal. Jade is now ten years old and she was accompanied at the inspection by her foal Rianne fan Fraithwen (Menne 496) who received a second premium. The yearling daughter of Jade, Mirjam fan Fraithwen (Tiede 501) received a first premium, became Junior Champion and Reserve Breeding Day Champion in England.

Jeldau breeding day champion in 2019

In doing so, she did not equal the result of her sister, one year older. Jeldau fan Freithwen (Jehannes 484) is two years old and received a second premium at the inspection. In 2019, however, she was rewarded with a first premium as a foal and became breeding day champion, despite her six months of age at the time.
In addition to these three offspring, Jade was able to show two more offspring at the inspection. The five-year-old Annalize fan Fraithwen (Tsjalle 454) received a Star with a second premium. She is the first foal born to Ian and Gaynor out of Jade. The goal is to get Jade preferent. Annalises owners also brought Eelke fan Fraithwen (Tsjalle 454) with them who they bought from Ian and Gaynor in spring, to Jon his full sister at their stables. The four year old gelding was unable to show his step well due to injury on the way to the keuring. “But they will bring him again next year,” Ian says. “Annalise and Eelkes owner hopes to ride an IBOP with both of them.”

First IBOP initiated

Talk about special. It didn’t stop with the mare with her five offspring. Ian also managed to put himself in the spotlight by being the first in England to drive an IBOP driven test. With 74.5 points, he achieved beautiful points and an A predicate for Jurre (Beart 411 x Teunis 332). “We hope that the driving will also make other breeders enthusiastic about doing a harnessed IBOP,” says Ian, who also regularly rides bridal couples with their Friesian horses. “All in all, we were very proud of the results of our horses at the inspection.” My wife Gaynor also rode her first ever ridden show, with a first premie ster mare Wytske fan ter Lune (Hessel 480) we bought for her to learn dressage with. They scored 73 points only 6 months into their partnership as a novice dressage rider.



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