Star mare Flore (Meinte 490) Champion in Tierhaupten, Germany

September 5, 2022

On Sunday the 4th of September, Flore van de Bist Star (Meinte 490 x Stendert 447) became Champion at the inspection in Tierhaupten. Flore was bred in Vlaanderen by Louis van Olmen and today she’s owned by Martin Junginger. The 5-year-old Flore still had a second-premium filly foal by Rommert 498 at her side but she proved to be in fine inspection condition, a compliment she earned from Willem Sonnema, who was in charge of the judging together with Jolanda Slootjes.

Two Star mares Champion and Reserve Champion

Flore did not receive an invitation for further upgrading, but convinced with her fine flexion from the poll, a finely-closed topline although she is a bit straight in the hind leg, Willem Sonnema explained. ‘She has satisfactory activity in the walk and a nice trot with lots of posture and moment of suspension but she needs to develop more reach in the foreleg.’ The 8-year-old expressive Tjara has a fine long shoulder and a strong topline. ‘A good Star mare, she is however, a bit short in the croup and toeing-in’, Willem Sonnema commented. ‘It took some time before she managed to find the relaxation to move with a roomy walk, in trot she nicely lengthened in the frame.’

First-premium filly foal and first-premium colt foal

Champion Colt Foals was Vincent N. von Steinbach-Ries (Auwert 514 x Anton 343), who’s owned by successful breeder Bettina Müller from Munzingen. The dapper Vincent received a first premium thanks to his expressive face and lots of front. In his topline we would like to see Vincent a little stronger but he has classy legwork and convincing movement, the Jury commented. ‘He is active and regular in walk. The trot is very roomy with very good posture.’

The Champion rosette in the filly foal category went to the only first-premium filly: Vera Dieuwke van S. (Eise 489 x Wimer 461) who is owned by Christine Smalbach. Vera presents a strong topline with a very good croup, Willem Sonnema complimented her. ‘She has a lot of scope and action in the walk, with a very active hind leg. Her trot is roomy, she moves nicely through the body, is already good at transitions and shows a fine moment of suspension.

Two Star stallions

Two young stallions also earned a Star. The 5-year-old Dies fân it Pompeblȇd Star (Tsjalle 454 x Beart 411), bred by Willem Wester and owned by Sandra Mertins, was awarded a Star. He has a beautiful head and a fine front, according to Willem Sonnema. ’The croup is slightly sloping and he is somewhat sickle-hocked in the hind legs. The walk is roomy, so is the trot and also with good impulsion, regularity, balance and posture.’


Hylcke vom Emsterfeld Star (Mees 497 x Jasper 366) was the second Star stallion and he convinced with lots of balance and elevation in trot and a ground-covering walk in which Hylcke shows fine forward reach in the foreleg. The 4-year-old stallion was bred by Nicole Holweg and his present owner Jessica Wistop raised the stallion all by herself and now truly reaps the reward of her work. In the morning Hylcke completed an impressive IBOP which was good for 89.5 points. ‘Hylcke showed a roomy, supple walk with lovely spring and posture in trot. In canter he worked really well from the hind leg’, is how Willem Sonnema paid his compliment to the rider. ‘Very friendly ridden with the correct contact. Exactly how we like to see it.’

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