Strongly performing Jurre 495 surprises with fourth Title (with video)

Jurre 495 KFPS Hengstenkeuring 2021 © DigiShots

January 16, 2021
Jurre 495 KFPS Stallion Inspection 2021 © DigiShots

‘As a Jury member you have the right to change your mind.’ As spokeswoman of the Jury – together with Jan Hellinx and Corry Terpstra – Sabien Zwaga began her announcement with a warning shot. In the last rounds for the Overall Championship the Jury saw what was all too clear for the viewers of the livestream too: one stallion came into his own during the competition, the other couldn’t keep up the performance. ‘But each and everyone they are fantastic stallions with heaps of quality.’ The Reserve Champion is Jehannes 484, Sabien Zwaga revealed. And the Championship goes to the stallion with the excellent trot. ‘A horse that never lets you down. Jurre 495.’

Cool in the head

After the Reserve Championship of the younger stallions Jelmer Chardon had already instructed his runner: keep your focus, you never know what might happen. ‘Jurre is such a cool character, he doesn’t care if there’s an audience or not’, the triumphant stallion keeper said. ‘We are happy that all the people could enjoy it from their homes but naturally, we would have preferred celebrating this together with all the people on the grandstand.’
So no hugging, but a whip held high in the air, and a ‘box’ and of course an ecstatic Jelmer Chardon. After 2017, 2018 and 2019, the fourth Title for Jurre 495 is a fact in 2021!