Stud farm Wettersicht continues Fjildsicht breeding line

Foto: Johanna Faber

Wietse and Grietje Wijbenga have decided to hand over their ever so successful Fjildsicht breeding stud that produced Feitse 293, Tsjalle 454, Thorben 466 and many Preferent mares. The Fjildsicht line will continue in full force under the auspices of Gert van Dijkhuizen and Margriet Griffioen from Stud farm fan Wettersicht.

Succesfull pedigree 70

The Fjildsicht line (pedigree 70) is one of the most impressive breeding studs in Friesian horse breeding. A mare line that was built by three successive generations of the Wijbenga Family in a time span of over 70 years. Two top-class Preferent stallions stem from this line: Feitse 293 (Jochem 259) and Tsjalle 454 (Mintse 384). Tsjalle 454, and Thorben 466 (Ielke 382) too, were bred by the third generation.
The Wijbenga Family: Wietse (66) and Grietje (64). And now, after all these years, they have decided to stop. ‘It’s a good decision’, Grietje says. The farm in Veenwouden with the Fjildsicht name was sold end of last year and six horses have found new homes. Wietse and Grietje don’t have a successor but yet, they have made sure the Fjildsicht breeding continues the same way and under its own name. For that we have to thank Gert van Dijkhuizen and Margriet Griffioen from Stud farm fan Wettersicht in Follega. Since they purchased yearling Esoca fan Fjildsicht in 2010 (Harmen 424) they have always cherished the Fjildsicht line and themselves, breed exclusively with this mare line. Gert: ‘We try to continue what Wietse and Grietje began. Back then I bought Esoca from them to start my breeding. Up till today that has worked out well and our peak moment was the approval of her son Tymen 503 (Tsjalle 454) in 2018. We are so grateful to them for that. Every day again Margriet and I endeavour to take that old blood from their breeding forward in time and take it to a higher level.’ That ‘old blood’ from the Fjildsicht line goes back to 1948. The time when Wietse’s grandfather bought the 3-year-old Friesian mare Esoca (Plutus 156) for the work on the farm.

Agricultural work, showdriving and foundation dam

It took a long time to get her in foal, but he finally succeeded when she was twelve and a year later she gave birth to foal Ankje Model Preferent (Noldus 198). This mare lived to be 27 years old and for her day was very classy and spirited. She is seen as the foundation dam of the Fjildsicht line. Wietse: ‘Everything harks back to her.’ Ankje was used for agricultural work, won loads of prizes in showdriving sports and brought eleven offspring. Her two eldest Preferent daughters are stallion dams. Germ and Tineke Bouma bred stallion Teake 273 (Fokke 217) from daughter Wietske Star Preferent (Noldus 198). Gouke and Aukje Wijbenga, Wietse’s parents, booked huge successes with Crown Jewel Lysebet Star Preferent (Bjinse 241). This double Preferent mare won most of her fame because of her Preferent son Feitse 293, but she also has three Preferent daughters.
Via her daughter Teatske fan Fjildsicht Star Preferent (Jillis 301), the most influential one would be Liskje fan Fjildsicht Star (Tamme 276) who was born in 1986. Teatske was born in 1990 and she marked the beginning of Wietse and Grietje Wijbenga’s breeding.

The passion for the Friesian horse

There are few people with so much passion and commitment for the Friesian horse as Gert and Margriet. Never mind if it’s the Fryske Quadrille or The Storm Rider or the Boerenbruiloft or a sociable tour with the horse-sleigh, nothing’s too much where Friesian horses are concerned. ‘Looking at Friesian horses fills me with feelings of great happiness’, Margriet explains. ‘I love the community around the Friesian horse too. They are all people you can share those feelings with and that gives you a connection.’ ‘It is that passion for the Friesian horse and the culture it is part of that give us so much energy’, Gert adds. ‘Even though we’re not true Friesians, we do our best to preserve all that and pass it on to future generations.’ ‘We aim to breed classy, expressive and hardworking horses with strong use of the hind leg’, Gert goes on. Those are qualities horses from the Fjildsicht line are famous for. Gert and Wietse emphasise the great importance of a strong hind leg. Wietse: ‘That’s something you should never make allowances for because it’s so easily lost. For a mare with a strong hind leg you should choose a stallion who has that too. You need to go for plus times plus!’ That’s also what the merger between the Fjildsicht- and the Wettersicht breeding is all about: plus times plus. Maybe the wonderful story about Wietse and Grietje & Gert and Margriet can inspire other breeders who find the time has come to stop after many years of breeding, but who have no successors either.