Tactile hairs yes, hair extensions no!

Hoofd © DigiShots

July 9, 2021
Head © DigiShots

Tactile hairs are part of the horse, as the FEI already laid down in their veterinary rules on the 1st of January 2021. From the 1st of July onwards the FEI will endorse these rules at international events when hairs around eyes, nose and mouth have been removed. The KNHS also puts this topic on their agenda. Tactile hairs (whiskers) help the horse to avoid bumping its head and also play a role in their search for food.

Hair in ears have to stay in place

The KFPS Inspection Regulations already stated that horses should preferably be presented at inspections with all tactile hairs in place. Hairs inside the ears have to remain intact because they protect the ear canal. Hairs protruding from the edges of ears can be trimmed and trimming of the beard (whiskers) is also allowed.

No hair extensions

Not only hairs have to remain visible, the Regulations also state that hair extensions are forbidden in the inspection ring. For a fair assessment of the splendour of feathers and mane of Friesian horses it is not allowed to add hairs or other material to tail or manes.

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