Teun 505 best-looking young KFPS Studbook stallion (with video)

Teun 505 KFPS Hengstenkeuring 2021 © DigiShots

Four stallions, two titles. It was all up to the Jury to make the decision for the Championship Young Stallions. Teun 505 danced to the Title of the young stallions. Jurre 495’s experience secured him the Reserve Title.

Fine stallions

A fantastic category, Sabien Zwaga complimented the stallions. ‘Four exceptionally fine stud stallions.’ Dedmer 519 with his excellent walk. ‘But will it be enough for a medal?’, the Jury made the tension rise even further. Jurre 495 who again flaunted his phenomenal trot. Or would it be Tymen 503 with his breeding type and fast hind leg? It turned out to be Teun 505, with his beautiful model and as his Reserve Champion Jurre 495, who became better with every round, showing so much front and a constant presentation with his powerful trot.

Jurre 495
KFPS Hengstenkeuring 2021
© DigiShots

Light-footed trot

Menne 496 convinced, but was not among the last stallions. Tymen 503 was. He impressed in the first round with his light-footed trot but couldn’t keep it up in the Champion inspection. Teun 505 impressed again and also stayed in the arena for the second round. The powerful and strongly moving Boet 516 fell just a little bit short in the very last round, and the same was true for Beant 517. Dedmer 519 truly was the surprise of the day and his suppleness in trot secured him a place among the final four.