The KFPS welcomes six new studbook stallions

november 13, 2021

On Saturday the 13th of November the KFPS approved six new stallions as KFPS studbook stallions. Martzen 521, Alger 522, Faust 523, Herre 524, Hilbrand 525 en Gosse 526 all earned their breeding license.

Two sons of Nane 492, a Hette 481, a Maurits 437, a Haike 482 and a Dries 421

After 70 days of Central Examination it was time this Saturday for the last harness and showdriving exam after five stallions already passed their saddle exam a month earlier. These five stallions also successfully passed their last test which crowned them KFPS studbook stallion.

Part of these five horses are three three-year-old stallions. Gosse 526 was born as Gerben A.L. Ster (Nane 492 x Beart 411) in the famous breeding stable of the Leijendekker family from Witmarsum and passed his saddle exam with the highest score. Hilbrand 525 his original name is Hinne B. Ster (Hette 481  x Alwin 469) and he was bred by Willem Bunt from Holten. Herre van Hylpen Ster (Nane 492 x Reinder 452) originates from the successful breeding of the De Vries family from Hindeloopen and is now known as Herre 524.

The four-year-old Faust B. Ster (Maurits 437 x Haitse 425) earned the highest points in the harness & showdriving examination. This stallion bred by H. van Dijck from Doornspijk will be called Faust 523 since the Central Examination.

Aizo fan Twillens Ster AAA (Haike 482 x Wylster 463) has a kinship of 17,4% and was born with Hans Boersma and Willemke van der Bij from Boazum. The five-year-old received the name Alger 522.

Martzen 521 through Short Test

Martzen 521 earned his breeding license after succesfully finishing his Short Test of two weeks. The nine-year-old  Martzen 521 was born as Marten fan StarKing (Dries 421 x Abe 346), has a kinship of 17,2% and already Sport Elite and AA behind his name. He is ridden by Harmina Holwerda in the Small Tour, ZZ driving and showdrives in the Limietklasse. Due to his achievements in sport he was able to enter the Short Test.

A year-long selection proces

The whole selection proces to a new KFPS studbook stallion takes almost a year. The First Viewing with open registration started in November 2020. Of the 300 stallions shown at the First Viewing, a selection was made and were entered in the Second Viewing during the Stallion Inspection in January 2021. Three saddle presentations last summer provided another selection which resulted in 19 stallions starting the Central Examination in September. In the end five stallions remained with the sixth entering through the Short Test. With the finalizing of this years Central Examination we are already looking forward to the First Viewing again. These 5 days will be held in Harich, starting November 29th through December 3rd 2021, with more than 300 stallions entered..


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