Tjalbert 460 non-carrier

June 21, 2019

On Social Media we come across lists that present incorrect information regarding carrier status for hydrocephaly and dwarfism of KFPS stallions. For the main part this incorrect information concerns stallions that are no longer alive and/or no longer active in breeding. In these cases said incorrect information will not directly cause problems but it does render a false representation about the spread of the mutations among the population.

However, the information being circulated for the still active stud stallion Tjalbert 460 is also false. The lists wrongfully accuse this Beart 411 son based in the USA of being a carrier of the dwarfism gene. To make it perfectly clear: Tjalbert 460 is free of both the dwarfism and hydrocephaly genes.

The KFPS regrets such incorrect information is being circulated and advises all members to use the official list. This list can be found in the Stallion Information (Attachment February issue of Phryso) or on the KFPS website under Breeding – breeding values/stallion reports.

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