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Stallion choice for mares is a complicated process of weighing up various factors. Pairings must be a good match in terms of exterior, but also aspects such as inbreeding and kinship play a role and risky matches with regard to innate disorders must be excluded. The KFPS website provides various tools to help with making the right decision. Members of the KFPS can login on (english version) with their member number and password and then are directed to the menu MyKFPS.

A few steps:


In MyKFPS the linear score form as well as your mare’s breeding values for exterior- and movement characteristics can be looked up.
(click My KFPS -> My horses -> the name of the mare -> breeding values)
For example:

On that basis three or four (considering a large number of characteristics is discouraged) characteristics can be selected for which your mare needs compensation.


In the extensive stallion information (in the menu under Breeding on the KFPS website) you can now select stallions that have a favourable hereditary blueprint for the selected characteristics. These stallions can be selected by entering minimum breeding values for the relevant characteristics.


If you wish to improve length of the forearm and breed characteristics, then you enter >= 104  for these breeding values. This is how you can choose different characteristics you consider to be points of improvement for your mare (max. 4) and then you click the search button. Depending on the desired characteristics a list with stallions will appear.

2 Inbreeding and kinship

In most cases there will be several stallions that are a good match for your mare in terms of exterior and movement. Next, it is important to check if these specific pairings do not lead to an inbreeding percentage that is too high. This can also be calculated in MyKFPS. Search in your registered horses for the mare whose inbreeding percentage you wish to calculate for the potential pairing. Pairings with an inbreeding percentage over 5% (within 6 generations) are discouraged. The inbreeding calculation also produces the kinship percentage of the intended pairing. If there are more stallions that are potentially a good match in terms of exterior and inbreeding, the kinship percentage could be the decisive factor. The situation being: the lower the kinship the better.

This example shows what the advice is going to look like. For this pairing there is no risk of hydrocephaly or dwarfism.

3      Risky matches

The KFPS policy aims to provide available data for all broodmares about their carrier status regarding hydrocephaly and dwarfism. In case your mare has as yet not been tested, we advise you to do so before impregnation of the mare. The inbreeding calculation in MyKFPS also indicates if the intended pairing is ‘safe’.

4      Information about the stallion

If you have found a stallion that you expect to meet the requirements for the most ideal match then it is highly advisable to read all available information about this stallion. You can look up the stallion’s own scores and reports but also the scores of his offspring. This information can be found via MyKFPS -> Member service -> KFPS stallions.
Example of Wylster 463:


In addition to the above criteria there are several other aspects than can play a role. Some breeders prefer using younger stallions whereas other breeders rather opt for more certainty by choosing stallions that have already been approved on offspring. Other aspects are, the (degree of) occurrence of white markings, character, etc. Additionally, you have the option to look up articles on breeding from the past ten years, which can be found in the library on -> The Friesian Horse -> Library. This function is only accessible to members and you have to login first. Maybe there is also some public news at the news site of the KFPS -> , You can enter the chosen ‘search value’ in the search bar on this website.

Still have questions? KFPS will help you by, ask your question by sending it to

You can also look at the College Tour about Stallion choise by Sietske Oostebaan:


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