Turning Storm Rider profit into breeding profit

Archieffoto ledenraadsvergadering

May 28, 2019 Meeting of the Member Council Spring 2019

The KFPS has closed the financial year 2018 with good results, thanks to our participation in The Storm Rider and the profit share that came with it. The balance will not be added to the general reserve, is how the KFPS Member Council ruled on Friday the 24th of May. These Euros will be used to boost breeding, Peter Bazuijnen stated. ‘And to strengthen our staff and KFPS bodies, advance the health of the Friesian horse and stimulate market development in foreign countries.’

Addition of stamina

The KFPS Strategy 2019-2014 was profoundly discussed at the regional meetings. ‘Solid discussions on various topics’, Chairman Bert Wassenaar summarised. One key addition that has emerged from these meetings will definitely be added to the strategy, he indicated. ‘Along with durability we also need to conduct research into the stamina of the Friesian horse in the sport. So this too will receive more attention in the next five years.’

Enthusiasm and recommendations for strategy

The members of the MC generally welcomed the strategy with enthusiasm. ‘A good plan’, ‘Well-thought-out’. But also: ‘We miss solutions’ and ‘Make it more concrete.’ The Chairman explained that the strategy spells out what choices the Studbook will make in the next five years. Elaborations in more detail will primarily be dealt with in the Year Plans. ‘For this purpose we love to hear from the Member Council about what their thoughts and ideas are so that we can include their input when drawing up concrete Year Plans.’

Sjoerd Ruiter replaces Henk Minkema

The Spring meeting also approved a new nomination for the Member Council. Sjoerd Ruiter joins the Member Council to represent It Fryske Greidhynder, taking over the seat from Henk Minkema. Two motions for amendments had been submitted. The motion to amend the Regulations Stallion Inspections was approved. This amendment rules that for taking part in the Central Examination stallions must meet the requirements regarding semen quality before but no later than the 15th of May. The motion for amendment of the Inspection Regulations as submitted by the region Twente/Achterhoek will be put on hold until the Autumn meeting.



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